Countdown to Referendum Day








What is a Referendum?

A referendum is an election in which the People vote on the question whether they approve a Bill passed by the Lower House and Senate to amend the Constitution.

What is Constitution Reform?

Constitutional reformrefers to the modification of the constitution of a nation or state.

When is the vote?

Grenada votes on Constitution Reform on October 27th, 2016.

There are eight (8) Bills for amendment of the constitution.

Seven (7) Bills will be voted on in the Referendum on October 27th 2016.

Bill 1. CCJ and Other Justice Related Matters

Bill 2. Elections and Boundaries Commission

Bill 3. Ensuring a Leader of the Opposition

Bill 4. Fixed Date for Elections

Bill 5. Name of State

Bill 6. Rights and Freedoms

Bill 7. Term of Office of Prime Minister


The Referendum in a Nutshell

THE SEVEN CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT BILLS 2016 Referendum Day is Thursday 27th October 2016. Citizens will be asked to cast their ballot to vote Yes or No to each of the seven constitutional amendment Bills. The bills seek to amend the Grenada’s Constitution to: Improve...

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Constitution Reform Fact Sheet

BACKGROUND ¨ Current Constitution handed down to us at Independence in 1974 by the colonial authorities – Grenadians had little input. ¨ Successive governments have attempted to amend the Constitution but none succeeded. ¨ First attempt was in 1985 therefore the...

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Grenada Constitution: Road to Reform

The Constitution of Grenada, made by Her Majesty in Council, came into force on 7 February 1974, for the independence which that day Grenada attained, under founding Prime Minister Eric (later Sir Eric) Gairy, amidst civil disquiet.   Familiar Westminster model...

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